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And the cartoon chipmunks win again!

The Golden Compass is being raped in theatres!  For a BIG budget movie of over 200 million to make, it's only earned $41 million at the box office total.  It was beaten this past weekend by Alvin and the Chipmunks!  Alvin earned $45 million in one weekend!  I think that says something about how people feel about anti-religious movies around Christmas time.  That, or everyone really still loves the little guys (I know I do!) and Jason Lee is just getting really famous from My Name is Earl.
I really  don't use LJ anymore...I've only been using it to check groups...I cancelled my paid account because I don't need it.  I won't be posting on here again.  It's been good, and I'll still read what's going on in my friends lives.


Oh, and did you know that there is no real name for the back of the knee?  Hmmm...maybe I'll post a weird fact a day or something.

OOTP!!!! (slim to nil spoilerage!!)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the best movie in the series!! David Yates is an awesome director and I have total faith in him for the last two movies!! Imelda Staunton is Ghengas Khan in Pink Tweed!! Ron is clever!! YAY!!!!!  It was totally worth waiting 6 hours in line for!! I can't wait for the next one!!! Oh, and Gred and Forge are the greatest ever!!

Jul. 10th, 2007

8.5 hours until I see HP:OOTP!!!!! Midnight show rocks!!!

To be read on May 2, 2007


Want to read a fun article?

What I'm currently posting is an article, written by an unnamed writer for the Western Gazette April Fool's edition.  I have never really followed this newspaper before because I've always personally found the articles to be crap, but I have to share this with you.  I would love to hear your thoughts so I have something constructive to write to the Equity Comission about.  Please, read, enjoy, and share your comments. 

"Labia Majora Carnage
by "Xavier"
Gazette Staff

Last night, local women hit the streets for the first ever Take Back the Nightie march.
The march was led by members of Western's Women's Issues Network, who, for the first time all year, left their circle in the University Community Centre, where witnesses claim they perform tribal dances and yell alienating slurs about pussies and cunts.
The march was organized because women were sick of wearing uncomfortable, soul-crushing lingerie for their boyfriends, lesbian lovers and partners whose gender aren't identifiable.
"My vagina told me she hates thongs... they're far too restrictive," said Jennifer Ostrich, a vocal WIN member. "And what my vagina wants, my vagina gets. Nighties are far more comfortable and practical. They let my vagina be free to the world so she can speak out and say whatever she wants."
Katie Conservative, another WIN member, said the march also aims to reclaim nighties from cross-dressing men who have bogarted white, crocheted, old-fashioned nighties for far too long.
"My vagina told me that for too long, men have taken things that are rightfully ours," Conservative said. "Tonight we take back nighties just like we took back hairy armpits and stilettos, even though trannies are still trying to steal them too."
Near the end of the march, chaos broke out when Ostrich's vagina crawled from under flowing white nightie, stole a loudspeaker and went on a rampage.
"How dare you act like you know what I have to say," the vagina screamed down Richmond Row.
"You don't know me, bee-otch," it squealed. "You can't even see me through all this hair you've let over-grow. Think of me. I can't even breathe down here!"
Upon seeing the chaos, London Police Chief Murray Faulkner stopped greasing his nightstick and intervened.
He grabbed the loudspeaker from Ostrich's wild vagina and took it into a dark alley to teach it a lesson.
To Ostrich's dismay, the vagina followed, giggling as it said, "I love it when a man in uniform takes control."
Women were delighted to see groups of men standing on the sidewalks in support.
"It was so great to see men supporting us in our nighties and helping us to spread vagina peace and love," Conservative said.
One man held a sign that read, "Yeah baby, I'll take back your nightie anytime!"
What the marchers couldn't see was that the men were using their penises as the beat off to the women in their long, flowing garbs.
"It takes a little imagination, but once you picture them without the nasty dreadlocks, the hideous piercings, the hairy pits and the beards, some of them are actually kinda hot," said Cocky McFratboy, while taking a break from masturbating.
The event ended when a man sent WIN into a screaming, tribal frenzy by yelling, "You want an opinion! With a push-up bra, you could actually have a nice rack of lamb going on there!" 

This article is property of the University of Western Ontario and I take no responsibility for what is written, nor do I endorce it in any way. 

Edit to my previous post

Apparently she is still in talks to be Hermione for the last two movies and Sympatico is wrong...whatever.  I still stand behind what I said if she does end up quitting!

Who will Hermione be now?

Why did I not know this before? This article is about Emma Watson's stalker, but she isn't going to be Hermione anymore?  That's like Harrison Ford not being Indiana Jones anymore, or Mark Hamill quitting Star Wars after two movies!  How can she do this?  I think that an actor should be contractually obligated to finish a series if its within a certain time period.  I don't bloody care if she's tired of being Hermione Granger, she should have thought about that before she signed up for the role.  Obviously she knew that there would be seven movies, because J.K. Rowling said there would be seven books.  I understand that she's only 16, and wants teenage life, but she made a committment to the fans of the books and she should have to fullful that committment.   Now they have to find a new girl to play Hermione and the movies are going to be weird.  It just doen't work!  (Except with James Bond movies, which have the necessity of switching actors every once in a while to make the movies interesting again!)  

At least Rupert Grint and Dan Radcliffe are still in it till the end!  They're good lads!

Indiana Jones 4 update!!

I don't care if people already know about this, but I just found out that Cate Blanchett is going to play Indy's love in the new movie!!   In this article, it also says that Natalie Portman is maybe going to be in the movie!!  I'm so excited!! This is all I have left now that Star Wars isn't making anymore movies and the Harry Potter books are almost done!! I need to find a new obsession!! Give me some ideas people!!

Oh, what a beautiful death!

I saw 300 last night.  Spartans rule...that it all.  

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